1. Stillwater native Rachel Frederickson is the "Biggest Loser," dropping 155 pounds from her 5'4" frame -- or about 60 percent of her body weight -- since the show started filming in late June.

  2. After seeing the images of her transformation, viewers immediately began questioning the premise of the show -- she looked unnaturally thin to many. 

  3. A popular screen grab shows the program's hosts reacting to Frederickson's reveal. Clever screen grab timing or something else entirely? 

  4. All I know is that I'm a bit disgusted with this show. There is no reason why the trainers should have looked "shocked." I'm certain both they, and show producers check in with contestants at home. My gut tells me, unfortunately-that they knew America would react this way...and that all publicity, is good publicity-in a show that is no longer making headlines. Until now. She is a strong, beautiful girl...and the way this show used her, and allowed her to take the public beating, is really sad. I guarantee if they had checked in with her, and she had *gained* an additional 45 lbs at home, they would have made sure it all came off again by the finale...so, why not also help her if she's getting dangerously thin?
  5. Many viewers addressed @NBC directly, questioning whether or not the show was still true to its self. 

  6. It triggered a discussion about weight's connection with health and how society views the whole issue. 

  7. Some people, however, were supportive of Rachel's accomplishment and wished her luck with a healthy lifestyle moving forward.

  8. I am so happy she won! In junior high she was always so nice and friendly to everyone, even though she was so competitive with her swimming! She's used to training hard all day every day, so it's not a stretch that she was able to get back into that lifestyle!
  9. As someone who went from the chubby kid in high school to the anorexic in college, to the obese in my 30's, I have been on every spectrum of the scale. I know why she did it. It is the competitor within her. I would have done the same thing. I hope she finds a happy healthy medium.