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Snowstorm snarls commute

The traffic system wasn't quite crippled Monday morning, but commuters could expect to double and triple their driving times as plows continued to combat around 10 inches of snow, plus ice.


  1. Stuck in their cars Monday morning, it was hard to get original. 

  2. MnDOT-based maps delivered very little good news. Major arteries into the city were at a standstill in some spots.  

  3. Some wondered why some snow was crippling their commute. 

  4. Many wanted a snow day. 

  5. And the lucky few who could work from home took advantage.

  6. Others made a point to exercise their mass transit options.

  7. Plows scurried to clear the snow early Monday. It didn't go unnoticed. 

  8. Well, to get snow off the roads, that is.