Prince at the Dakota Jazz Club

Prince announced performances at the Dakota Jazz Club this week, with themes ranging from a set of improvisational performances to a pair of shows simply dubbed "Surprise."

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  2. Tickets for Prince's last-minute shows were expected to go on sale at 11 a.m. 

  3. But then the Dakota Jazz Club ticket website said late afternoon. Fans were confused. 

  4. And then, around noon, Twitter caught on fire: Tickets were being sold.   

  5. Prince will perform two shows each night on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The shows escalate in price, starting with $70 for the "Soundcheck" show, $150 for "Jam" and $250 for "Surprise."

  6. Some of those without tickets cursed their circumstances. Or offered trade. 

  7. But there wasn't universal praise for the short notice or cost. 

  8. The kitchen will be closed all night, and cameras and cellphones will not be allowed inside the club...which fueled some snarky observations.