It's a go: 2013 Legislative session begins

The Minnesota Legislature convened at noon Tuesday, Jan. 8, for the first half of its 88th biennial session. The business of democratic governing can continue until May 20, the constitutional deadline for adjournment.

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  1. First off, that oath. 

  2. The Democratic Farmer Labor Party wasted no time electing new leadership, taking control of both chambers. Some cheered. 

  3. Others...did not. 

  4. Newly sworn-in representatives were eager to start their work.

  5. Some faces were new, their first swearing-in ceremony a cause to invite the whole family. 

  6. Others, grizzled veterans simply excited to dive back into policy. 

  7. But politics attracts cynicism -- at least some cynicism -- like the State Fair attracts deep fryers.   

  8. And, of course, some skepticism as to why some parts of government procedure haven't changed in 300 years.