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Brothers of the Sun concert

Country stars Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw are co-headlining Target Field's first-ever concert tonight, to a sold-out crowd of about 41,000. Here's what concertgoers had to say.


  1. Sure, Tim and Kenny can sing. But we're really all talking about how they look.

  2. Tim was up first, in tight, white jeans; a deep-V-neck, white shirt; and black hat.
  3. Kenny came on about 8:45, wearing jeans; a blue muscle shirt; and white hat. He inspired much less social media buzz than Tim.
  4. And what do fans wear to a country concert at a baseball field?

  5. Lots of people were wishing they were at the concert ...

  6. ... and some were wishing to be further away ...

  7. ... and some just want to talk baseball.