Women, Health and Education #16Days

  1. In a situation of conflict n disaster displacement makes access to education, far away dream as survival takes prime importance #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/936618396900364288 
  2. @pinthecreep Conflicts like in african and in middle east countries shows that they disrupt women's edu more than mens
  3. @pinthecreep Q1 I think conflict & disaster disrupt everyone's access to education. & in many cultures, boys' access is prioritized after rebuilding
  4. @pinthecreep Conflict & disaster further exacerbate women's existing vulnerability. They feel it is unsafe to go anywhere. It also demotivates many women to pursue their life goal @pinthecreep
  5. Our society which is mainly patriarchal male members play a crucial role..The male members of a family can n must promote education of girls!  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/936620911582617601 
  6. True. Males are prioritized and "their" share is always first and paramount. Women are left with the "leftovers" of any developments.  https://twitter.com/Kasha_Frese/status/936621669971517440 
  7. What are some ways in which male counterparts in a family can help support the women in their family in letting them develop? #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/pointponder/status/936621876951973894 
  8. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism A1 during a conflict or disaster, the environment is really disturbing, physically or mentally. Women have a tender heart naturally& the situation makes it difficult for them to access the educational places. It makes the place more unsafe & them more vulnerable
  9. @pinthecreep I wonder if it has to do with fear. Wanting to protect daughters from threats during chaos
  10. Took a quick read of a few paragraphs. This is exactly the case in most times. IF after disaster, there is access, it is first prioritized for boys because it is "too dangerous" for girls. #16DaysOfActivism  https://twitter.com/Pri_Borpujari/status/936622220641751041 
  11. @pinthecreep Let d women members get access to education primarily,allow them d freedom of choosing d stream of their liking..In fact male members should d guide n support rather than rule n dominate!!
  12. @pinthecreep In this case, it was simply because a girl's need was felt more at home than in school.
  13. Exactly. When rebuilding etc, we tend to forget that the environment is not enabling for girls to attend school because most of the times, the needs of girls are not taken into account. #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/AlishaMyself/status/936622631083581440 
  14. @pinthecreep So happy to see the question , still society feel by allowing women to pursue education or career, male members are favouring women. @pinthecreep
  15. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism A2. They can be the strongest pillars of support for her.They should believe in her and help her be capable and self-reliant. Of course, they care for her, but they can't be present everywhere and locking her isn't the solution. Make her educated!
  16. This is a common scenario. Just last year, one of the strongest cyclone to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere, Cyclone Winston, hit Fiji, the country I live in. Women's hygiene and sanitation became a problem because relief efforts did not consider that. #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/Pri_Borpujari/status/936622986265755649 
  17. Another issue is the safety of women in evacuation centers. In such crowded places, unfortunately some of the worst crimes are perpetuated on people who are needy for compassion and understanding. #16DaysOfActivism  https://twitter.com/Pri_Borpujari/status/936622986265755649 
  18. The most important part here is to allow them to choose what they want to excel. And to encourage girls into maths and science. #16DaysOfActivism  https://twitter.com/pointponder/status/936623113801949184 
  19. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism Probably the best option is avoiding such disasters, but if they occur they can help each other. A wise woman can actually handle her family and together women can help the society recover. Teaching her to be mentally aware & to adopt safety measures would help
  20. @AlishaMyself @pinthecreep Caring itself should include making d girls self reliant to face d world in all its complexities!
  21. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism self-defence workshops are conducted for women. Educating them about their rights has built their confidence. further teaching them "art of applying henna", making incense sticks out of waste flowers, selling home-made snacks has helped them be self-reliant
  22. @pinthecreep Vocation trainings are important for women to develop skill in certain areas which will enable them to get a job,but,no,it is not the replacement of formal education.Ofcourse, women who are only interested in pursuing vocational education programme they have the freedom to do it.
  23. @pinthecreep Girls shd learn to know about the happening outside of college/ campus , by the way of reading profession related magazines. Regularly participating in seminars/conferences/symposium etc #16DaysofActivism
  24. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism Mostly teaching them soft skills. How to use the internet, it's benefits- has also brought a positive change in their lives. Reminding them constantly of how beautiful and strong they are, encourages them to work harder for their dreams.
  25. #16DaysofActivism When Heath study done,this is very important aspect as growth/progress of a Nation demands her citizens to b healthy in all aspects!!  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/936625945825435648 
  26. These are great ideas. I have seen women who haven't had the opportunity for formal education go through such workshops which allow them a certain level of economic independence. #16DaysOfActivism  https://twitter.com/AlishaMyself/status/936626713076756481 
  27. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism yes. The purpose of these projects is to make them self-reliant. It's easy for us to give a bread to a hungry person, but making him learn how to earn a bread, ends a lifetime hunger.
  28. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism This data helps in identifying the sector that holds problem. Some disease, abnormality etc. Accordingly, the government can plan & work on a solution. The data will help to address the problem directly without any confusion.
  29. @pinthecreep when they don't earn & society also do not have safety net to support health; women's health realted decisions are often taken by earning members of the family. No/poor income, lack of agency, male dominance, tradition affect women's health related behaviours.
  30. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism #Women I don't think this happens, always other members of the family take care. Observed , lack facilities in rural area bars from reaching out the physician. Sometimes poverty.
  31. #16DaysofActivism It's degrading for a women of a house hold to need permission for medical help..Another sad truth is when a women does not have d right to choose n plan her pregnancy n if pregnant choice to continue with it!  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/936628462273613824 
  32. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism We see situations where a male doctor isn't allowed to inspect the woman. That is putting her life at risk and inviting casualties. What will such rigidity bring other than her pain?
  33. How about Sexual Health? Contraceptive use etc? When a women is unable to decide on how many and when she wants kids? #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/svmurthy/status/936630043266105345 
  34. Exactly. Most of this stems about due to a woman's right to choose whether she wants to get pregnant. #16DaysOfActivism  https://twitter.com/pointponder/status/936630147867820032 
  35. @Usriroy @pinthecreep Financial independence is important but have seen economically independent women having their medical need n finances controlled by peers!
  36. Great example. I have been in situations where the husband/ parents will refuse to have their wives or daughters seen by a male doctor and would instead ask for another date. This is problematic esp in places where there is lack of gender equality in workforce. #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/AlishaMyself/status/936630508250738689 
  37. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism the tax imposed for menstrual cycle products. This is every women's need. They deserve to have a healthy life with proper sanitation. Imposing tax on such basic necessity is embarrassing to the human race
  38. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism It's sad that being the kith & kin, they oversee the suffering she's going through
  39. SRH is of prime importance for a women..Sex related issues are not only a taboo but brushed under without address or remedial steps..These have direct impact as women are back bones of a society n when she suffers economy suffers too #16DaysofActivism  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/936630974296633344 
  40. We are approaching the end of our tweetchat tonight. What are some burning questions/ suggestions/ feedback you have regarding women's Health and Education in your communities?
  41. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism A6. Women are the source of life, they are important to every nation. Sexual& Reproductive Health is an important topic that needs to be educated. The functionality of our body can't be a taboo. It's high time we address their problems and treat them
  42. @pointponder @pinthecreep Yes I have also seen, as women's often lack control over what they earn
  43. @pinthecreep #16DaysofActivism Setting up camps on SRH can help propagating the importance. Camps often give free health check-up for women. Open discussions on general issues that occur can actually help them talk freely about their health problems.
  44. Thank you to @Usriroy, @AlishaMyself, @pointponder, @svmurthy, @Pri_Borpujari, @BUDDYABI, @Kasha_Frese for participating in the tweetchat. Some great points to ponder and translate into action with regards to women and their health and education. #16DaysofActivism
  45. @pinthecreep We need to start from ourselves. Small steps will lead to big destinations.
  46. @pinthecreep #16daysofactivitism FIRST self analysis, next in series- husband, elders, close friends , govt hospital recruited health supervisors....many options. But Final Decision must be by the couple. #Women
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