Safety issues during festivals

  1. @pinthecreep A1 All kinds of violations, noise, space, sexual etc. Spaces are usually crowded and people take advantage to rob, touch, grope or assault others esp women and girls. #Safety #Festivals
  2. A:1During festival gatherings there is usually a large crowd, which includes anti social elements out to rob or molest women at every available moment! 
  3. @pinthecreep A1 #festivals sometimes during festivals because of huge crowd in roads, we do face transport problem, unable to reach, do not get any transport equipment. For instance during Ganesh Chaturthi
  4. @pinthecreep Issue 1: Eve teasing. Issue 2: Touch.. Eg- People to touch someone either fall on them or may be by doing something else.. and act as they did it by mistake..
  5. Most of it is about groping and grabbing. Females are at the receiving end of this most of the time. While it's considered normal because of the crowd, it is not. 
  6. @pinthecreep A1) Safety from sexual assault is compromised heavily. Groping and sexual harassment often goes unpunished due to the crowd of people. It is difficult to identify the perpetrators and even more difficult to hand them over to the authorities in a crowd
  7. @pinthecreep A1 also commenting and catcalling. somehow they feel they have the licence to say anything inappropriate. #Safety #Festivals @shesgotiton was telling me about the suggestive talk that goes on during carnival and the pressure to give in!
  8. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep @shesgotiton Yes, women are many a times expected to be open to propositions just because they are celebrating something
  9. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep They take advantage of such situation and the worst part they never come into limelight.
  10. @pinthecreep The concept of personal space vanishes in large crowds. Theft and pickpocketing is also rampant as it is easy to hide in crowd
  11. @pinthecreep A1 Lack of #sanitation facilities is a major issue during mass-scale fests in India. There are portable toilets now but they are not gender-friendly
  12. Difficult to pinpoint people and situations which are inappropriate. Most of it goes unpunished. 
  13. @pinthecreep A1 Lack of #sanitation facilities is a major issue during mass-scale fests in India. There are portable toilets now but they are not gender-friendly
  14. @pinthecreep A1 Myriads of safety issues arise during public gatherings during festivals. Have personally faced eve teasing and inappropriate touching
  15. @pinthecreep Many people try to disguise their groping as inevitable jostling due to the crowd
  16. @pinthecreep @shesgotiton A1 During carnival, men proposition women including those they know making it really awkward when the festivities are over. It has become so normalised that it is hard to stand your ground & in fact you get accused that you are being a spoilsport!
  17. @pinthecreep No one in their senses should consider groping etc normal..It's abnormal!
  18. @pinthecreep A1 My adolescent cousin who isn't on Twitter, is participating in this chat 😊 She says: Girls aren't allowed to participate in festivals if they have periods.
  19. @pinthecreep A1 Chanting "Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai" (don’t mind, it’s Holi) like a mantra, a certain section of men in the city act like it is their fundamental right to do as they pleased because the festival sanctioned it. We need to stop using the quote during Holi.
  20. @pinthecreep A2) New years eve last year in Bangalore saw many cases of harassment and theft. The victims then had to go through shaming as some sections of the society said this happened to them because they were out partying and not due to lax security arrangements
  21. @pinthecreep It's bad enough for many to drop going to festivals esp wherein huge crowd is present..Not worth d cheap feeling one goes back home with!
  22. @pinthecreep Aha! They need to do better with toilets in order to make 'merica great again 😁
  23. @Pri_Borpujari @pinthecreep Yes and unlike in many places abroad, the litter lies around forever. I remember attending a huge party by the city of Hamburg and within 2 hours of the party getting over, the place was clean as ever. They also provide for portable loos.#Safety #Festivals
  24. @pinthecreep A2: Holi and Dahi Handi. On my solo trip to Udaipur on Holi, I was scared to see so many drunk men roaming around on the streets freely. Locals told me police doesn't do anything. I didn't leave my hotel that day.
  25. Lack of appropriate facilities that is needed by different genders. Large crowds fails to recognise the needs of people be it via gender, age, race etc. People normally have to compromise. 
  26. @pinthecreep The only example that I can think of from past is that of the new year's Eve incident in Bangalore. Rest all are personal experiences.
  27. @pinthecreep Not something that can be overcome in a day. It's something truly requires the active participation of men, to voice aloud how they are victims of #ToxicMasculinity
  28. @pinthecreep #ToxicMasculinity should b answered by equal or more toxic feminine reaction..Just slap/pinch/kick d person..Most just melt away in d crowd!!
  29. In large gatherings, women are forced to take people who will protect them. Just tonight I was out with some foreign friends and an argument happened because some guy could not understand their boundaries. 
  30. @pinthecreep A2 I would consider Holi in this coloumn as nobody ask for consent whether women wants to get coloured or no wants to get wet or no. The same happnd with me I was forcefully made stand and groped and applied colour by the time I was about to shout they went away.
  31. @pinthecreep A2) Holi festival in India is another example where men forcefully grab and grope women to colour them under the garb of culture and fun
  32. @pinthecreep Fortunately due to massive protests the government and the police stepped up to ensure safety during the celebration
  33. @pinthecreep I think holi is the most sensitive festival because in holi men in order to put colour on women in order to touch and even women cannot revolt against it because the men would act silly saying that i was just playing with her in a good manner.
  34. @ShaliniGupta_ @pinthecreep A2 But during Christmas at Calangute have been groped in the crowds at the beach. I stay indoors and try not to be in crowded spaces. Not worth it.
  35. @pinthecreep A2 Isn't it really sad that sooooo many women now no more participate in Holi?
  36. @Pri_Borpujari @pinthecreep Active participation of men along with making gender equality a reality in power structures. It is necessary that women have equal access to decision making process and representation so that their problems are addressed
  37. @pinthecreep The only solution is enforcing the rule of law. Unruly behaviour should not allowed on the streets and defaulters should be promptly detained. If they the consequences of their actions then they will hesitate
  38. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep Even I prefer to stay indoors during Holi or any major gathering during festivals. Haven't celebrated Holi for more than a decade
  39. @pinthecreep Yes, it's still a huge deal even in societies which claim to be modern but still stick to #menstrual taboos
  40. @pinthecreep #Victimshaming is too common d authorities size you down before asking d complainant blatantly..'its celebration time leave it, literally "Jaane do"!!
  41. @Pri_Borpujari @pinthecreep I can't stand the festival because all through my teenage years I was a target for water balloons and the boys in my neighbourhood took pleasure in getting us drenched - on our way to/from school or tuitions or even work later on. sickening pleasure
  42. It's about mindset. We need awareness in consent. Culture CANNOT be the veil behind which we can hide and touch people. The idea of consent is lacking in society. 
  43. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep Every Hindu festival. "Till the 3rd day of periods, you can't even touch someone else who may participate in a religious ceremony," cousin says
  44. @womenite @pinthecreep I completely agree. The law shouldn't be relaxed even for one day and for that matter any festival. You can't ask people to stay indoors to ensure their safety while drunk men roam around freely on the streets in the name of a festival
  45. @Pri_Borpujari @pinthecreep Oh how terrible. Please tell her that I admire her courage for speaking up at such a young age and I do hope she can challenge it and it changes in her lifetime for others. #regressivecustoms #safety #festivals
  46. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep So sorry that so many women have such terrible associations with Holi
  47. @pinthecreep A:2 The Dusshera, Ramleela, holiday to name a few..Many incidents don't get reported, d ones that are, are sadly sensationalised!
  48. @Sumitgoyal236 @pinthecreep Sometimes I believe these festivals are designed for men to take advantage of women and girls.
  49. @womenite @pinthecreep I really believe new laws need to be out in place, and authorities need to trained to handle this in a way where girls don’t feel like they did something wrong.
  50. @pinthecreep Drunk people are let off too easily..Which should not b..If drunk he has no right to b there in d first place!
  51. @pinthecreep This is so true. A lot of women take pills to push their chums and these medicines aren't always good for their health. This should stop.
  52. @womenite @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep Yes! Big time and it’s so wrong, I want to see those shaming the girls be fined and even jailed because it’s a form of mental and emotional abuse which happen in combination with the sexual harassment.
  53. @jamiecid @pinthecreep Authorities need to take complaints seriously and not brush them off as something that happened because you were in a crowd. Harassment is harassment whether in a crowd or alone which many people fail to realise
  54. @pinthecreep True in d guide of applying gulal..Creeps actually run hands all over..Stopped playing holiday altogether in public!
  55. Not at all #women bear the burden of all our festivals - housecleaning, gifts, Pooja ingredients, new furnishings, special festival food, more guests 😅et al 
  56. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep Holi is celebrated in different types in different places of India and somewhere even women get chance to take revenge from men like the latmar holi which is celebrated in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in which women beats the men with a stick. Yes but men act more superior than women
  57. @pinthecreep I am curious Abhishek, @abdumshaheed @Sumitgoyal236 and @IDIOTASHISH1996, do men and boys face similar issues during festivities?
  58. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep @IDIOTASHISH1996 According to me only 1 in 100 men gets assaulted by the women but maximum women do it in fun. I am not sure about this because i have not faced any issue like this. Men only hurt people during festives like beating and many other problems.
  59. @pinthecreep Boundaries are a big issue, across the board. It has to be addressed everywhere so that it can reach the point where physical boundaries are understood.
  60. @womenite @pinthecreep This a cause close to my heart and specifically in india, I know of close friends who have gone through mental and emotional trauma just from the authorities alone. Having a women’s cell is not enough here and I believe they need to also reprimand the authorities.
  61. @jamiecid @pinthecreep Mechanisms need to be put into place to ensure accountability of the authorities
  62. @womenite @pinthecreep Yes! Agree... now the question is when. Education and Accountability.
  63. Here we go with the 3rd question 
you guys doing great keep answering
    Here we go with the 3rd question you guys doing great keep answering
  64. @pinthecreep A3) Sensitisation of authorities. Better policing to make perpetrators fear actual consequences of their actions. Raising awareness about harassment and how it happens. Holding the authorities responsible for the lack of security or arrangements
  65. Increase presence of police. Festivals are meant to be enjoyed and any harassment or inappropriate behaviour needs to be dealt with seriously. 
  66. @pinthecreep A3 Raising awareness about these socio-cultural practices that are regressive and harmful to women/girls. Get police to be more responsive to complaints, proactive measures for prevention early on and awareness on consent/boundaries. #Festival #safety
  67. A:3 Celebrations need not b a headache for women if n that's a big if..People, maybe police or volunteers make it a conscious efforts to stop drunk from entering n quick action/punishment/public shaming whenever someone misbehaves!! 
  68. Awareness on the idea of consent. Large crowds should not be used as an excuse to not ask consent 
  69. @pinthecreep A3 there should be strict action against who drink and be a part of festivals and a major reason to create nuisance.
  70. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep If you will search about different types of holi in India you will get a large list and even in Haryana women beats men with a large and strong rope commonly called hunter while the men in order to save himself throws water on the lady.
  71. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep But its a part of the festive and they enjoy it because women gets a chance to take out the frustration on them.
  72. @Sumitgoyal236 @pinthecreep does not seem right to me or like fun. We should not have to resort to something like that to remove our frustration!!
  73. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep I don’t know about why they do but its a part of festival being celebrated since years.
  74. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep Yes women need to teach their boys to respect n never/ever misbehave..Even for fun!!
  75. @pinthecreep A3. More police personnel should be deployed during festivals like Holi who take every complaint seriously and also take strict actions against people who threaten safety.
  76. @pinthecreep A3 Adolescent cousin says, "Will tell anyone during Holi, no means no. Will say it until he gets it, or if I have to slap him.... But honestly, how many to slap? So slapping may not be the best way to deal with it either."
  77. @pinthecreep Ans 3: When people will know how they would face if they would be in their place they can recognise what they are really doing. Problem is that they don’t keep their mother and sister on that place and think how she would face and act.
  78. The idea that we should not be offended in festivals by authorities, who are responsible for keeping us safe, need to change. Sensitization is important. 
  79. @pinthecreep A3 More policing seems a solution only for a short term. In longer term, need to ensure women have escape routes, if they want to: including #publictransport that goes on for extra hours into the night
  80. @pinthecreep The very notion that's it's all done for 'masthi' should not exist..Respect for feelings should b there..D invisible line is always drawn,don't cross it n respect that!!
  81. @pinthecreep @womenite is the organisation which is working to sort out this problem by organisations campaigns in schools and colleges.
  82. @pinthecreep Not many as there should b d existing...ones as @womenite are doing commendable job!
  83. @pinthecreep Thank you too it was interesting know so many views!Let's work together n do Our bit to make our world safe!