Impact of Climate Change and Climate Action on Women's Life and Safety

  1. @pinthecreep @TheRedElephnt @anujasaw @fatma_sultana I think @WEDO_worldwide is doing a very good job in ensuring women's participation in climate governance including the UNFCCC by training them to be leaders and giving them space to be part of the negotiations :)
  2. @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana @anujasaw @PinThe creep...Hello, Joining from New Delhi, India..Looking forward to discuss an imp topic of today..
  3. Last month on Pongal/Makarsankranti I interacted with @medhanarmada and the #NarmadaBachaoAndolan has sustained the call for #SocialJustice #climatejustice and Medha Tai and the women of the Andolan r my latest #climatesheroes
  4. @pinthecreep @TheRedElephnt @anujasaw @fatma_sultana I think @CFigueres and @LaurenceTubiana have done so well at the international negotiations and are women I look up to. There are also many women grassroots leaders doing work at the local level 馃檪
  5. @pinthecreep @pointponder @10sunshinegal @fatma_sultana @anujasaw @PinThe On gender ratio, depends I guess. I've been at a panel where there are equal men and women but in most cases there will still be more men than women, and especially women of color. I've been to a panel where I was with 3 old white male and I was the only one young woman of color
  6. @elsamariedsilva of #Safecity has a cool database of women experts who can be accessed to improve #gender ratios in conferences including #climateconferences
    @elsamariedsilva of #Safecity has a cool database of women experts who can be accessed to improve #gender ratios in conferences including #climateconferences
  7. @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana @anujasaw @PinThe Thank you..My #climateshero would be @medhanarmada , sadly #gender ratio at important #conferences still not balanced fully, though there has been undeniable efforts to cose the gender gap n include more #women to participate
  8. @rjkarunungan @pinthecreep @TheRedElephnt @anujasaw @CFigueres @LaurenceTubiana @GMI_Pakistan is doing it's best for participation of women in law making panels (CC & DRR) as they are the most effected part of society from #climatechange
  9. @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana Inclusion or exclusion depends on the affected stakeholders in a system rather than genders, races, ethnicity, classes, cultures, sexual orientation, age, language, nationality. #women #safety #climate
  10. @pinthecreep @fatma_sultana @TheRedElephnt @anujasaw @CFigueres @LaurenceTubiana @GMI_Pakistan The @MRFCJ lists down different kinds of participation and what we want to achieve is meaningful participation and not just participation of women just to tick off the box for gender equality. Women have to participate where they can speak freely and be part of decision making
  11. @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana Understand what affects participation: family, travel, economic status, mentorship, skills, recognition. Understanding barriers help us overcome what鈥檚 keeping women from participating. Keeping them out is not the solution. #women #safety #climate
  12. @elsamariedsilva @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana @anujasaw So how many ppl access you database of women experts. Has it made an impact on Gender ratios in panels near you :)
  13. @pinthecreep @LeoDiCaprio He is my hero for climate change. He's an active environmentalist and has even talked about it at the Oscars!
  14. @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana @anujasaw It is raising awareness and we have organisers reaching out for women speakers. Just a couple of days back a male speaker wanted to avoid being on a #Manel and asked for suggestions. Last year that would have been unthinkable. Also crowdmaps are meant to be DIY. Find the person.
  15. @anujasaw @pinthecreep @CHARUDATTA131 @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana Sadly studies say that majority of world's poor are #women..face higher risk, burdens as result of #climatechange...Yet they are the providers in all house holds, thus imp link!
  16. @CHARUDATTA131 @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana To be able to have a say, to be a part of the decision making, it often comes down to what rights you at your home. Land rights for women reduce poverty and increase economic empowerment, helping combat climate change in their communities.
  17. @fatma_sultana @pinthecreep @anujasaw @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan It is said when you have unequal participation in decision making policies, they result in preventing #women being part of climate related policies n implementations..When they are more responsible for sustainable resource management in every household
  18. Another #ClimateShero for me and many other is @AnnieMLeonard her stories via #TheStoryOfStuff has had 50 million views and as Executive Director of @greenpeaceusa she is a powerful #voiceforwomen #voiceforplanet
  19. @anujasaw @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana Land rights might not change the poverty levels. Economic development can happen through the improvement of the GDP, but to do so the climate change must be tackled in anyway.
  20. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep @anujasaw @CHARUDATTA131 @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana @EstherNgumbi Land rights are great initiative as #women are more responsible for providing food for the family so working min agriculture where they have an hold n say does make major difference
  21. @pointponder @pinthecreep @fatma_sultana @anujasaw @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan Responsibility is in the human nature and not based on the gender. There is equal participation but unequal representation. It's all based on the choice and qualifications and not gender.
  22. Dr Uma Ramachandran Senior Research Manager with @IFMRLEAD focusing on #ClimateChange &#environment with whom I shared a #genderbalanced panel at the @TTCSP event organized by @C3Schennai is a #climateshero she was program officer for #TamilNadu state axn plan for #ClimateAction
  23. @pinthecreep @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana @anujasaw #women esp in rural areas have directly or indirectly followed Gandhian practises, whether environmental, political or economical..Simple living in sync with environment n stop exploiting natural resources, all of which have direct link with #climatchange
  24. 100 percent. We #urbanIndians r benefiting from their low carbon lifestyle and it's something we should aspire too while ensuring #green conveniences & #greentechnology reaches #ruralIndia to make life easier ...And we need to learn from their traditional knowledge 2 go green 
  25. @pinthecreep It is indeed time that all realised what is #green economy n how (we all #genders equally responsible here) we in India is poised in achieving this, as this is very important to tackle #climatechange
  26. Has this become our daily reality India? Woman is gang-raped & sexually abused with iron rods until her intestines spill out in latest horrific Indian sex attack #VAW .@SayftyCom
    Has this become our daily reality India? Woman is gang-raped & sexually abused with iron rods until her intestines spill out in latest horrific Indian sex attack  #VAW .@SayftyCom
  27. @CHARUDATTA131 @pinthecreep @anujasaw @10sunshinegal @rjkarunungan @fatma_sultana Yes #gender should not come in picture at all, but truth is more often than not #women are either not included or their views are not taken ito consideration...Things are changing but a long way to tread before total #WomenEmpowerment