1. Welcome to our chat today! We hope to crowdsource meaningful responses that can inform our approaches to end GBV.
  2. I'm excited to host today's TweetChat. Lovely to see some of our friends joining in! Please introduce yourselves.
  3. Couple of simple housekeeping rules: Use #BystanderIntervention as the hashtag, and answer questions using tags such as A1, A2, A3, etc.
  4. We encourage you to tweet at each other, instead of only responding to our questions. Healthy dialogues are the best! #ByStanderIntervention
  5. @pinthecreep #BystanderIntervention Third Party (Stranger) Intervention between Two individuals involved in a verbal or physical fight in the public
  6. @pinthecreep #bystanderintervention A1 bystander intervention could be refer as Help provided to a person in need by a bystander.
  7. @pinthecreep A2: The question says all- they are afraid, afraid to raise their voices #ByStanderIntervention
  8. @pinthecreep #bystanderintervention A2 they would be afraid that if they intervene the attempter would turn on to them.
  9. It's pretty interesting to note that #ByStanderIntervention as a program isn't formally taught/talked about anywhere. How do we change that?
  10. Join us! Two questions into the chat. we are currently looking at why people are afraid to intervene as bystanders. #ByStanderIntervention
  11. Thank you for all your responses so far! Please feel free to add personal anecdotes to your responses/narratives on #ByStanderIntervention
  12. @pinthecreep A2. Unwillingness to be involved in the lengthy legal procedures
  13. @pinthecreep A2. Afraid of being a scapegoat or blamed for some reason
  14. @pinthecreep An onlooker providing aid in a particular situation.
  15. @pinthecreep They're afraid that they could fall in trouble too.
  16. @pinthecreep Have heard of instances where the victim has blamed the bystander itself.
  17. @pinthecreep Thinking out appropriate options for the situation- like calling authorities or alerting other bystanders.