Temptation of Wife Reaches Climactic End

Temptation of Wife reached its climactic end in an emotional roller-coaster of an episode that kept fans glued to the TV screen. As the show's main cast of Marian Rivera, Rafael Rosell, Dennis Trillo and Glaiza De Castro waved goodbye, find out what netizens had to say as the series reached its end.

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  1. Fans were impressed by Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo and the rest of the cast's awesome performances, along with the show's technical aspects.
  2. Some fans even said that the Temptation of Wife Pinoy adaptation was better than the Korean original.
  3. Even the antagonist, Heidi, got some love.
  4. Fans expressed how they'll miss the show terribly. 
  5. Rafael Rosell had a Twitter party with fans as he bid goodbye to Nigel, the character he played.
  6. Good Bye Nigel Armada. Im leaving you to live in cyber space. It was a fun ride. Thank you to everyone for all the love.;) especially sa mga #nigeline at mga #rafyan What an awesome journey!;) until next character.;) #LoveLifeALLways #TemptationOfWife #TOW #TemptationPH
  7. Fans also loved how Temptation of Wife ended with moral lessons.