Talking About the Arts: Faster, Stronger, Louder

Arts fans need a way of venting, sharing and raising questions -- just like sports fans have.

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  1. One of the first comments came from @Joe_DePaolo, a sports writer and former radio producer, who felt that the team-versus-team nature of sports lends itself to radio, as does the us-versus-them nature of political radio. But the diffuse nature of the arts would make things more complicated.
  2. Performing arts fans can banter about performances with *zero* nuance. But it could all devolve into my-favorites-are-better-than-your-favorites.
  3. Still, if presented in the right away, it could give fans more information, which was one of five points posted by @missionparadox, two of which are below:

  4. The funniest part of this whole concept has been the Tweets from sport fans making points in a brawny New York accent like well-known sports radio host Mike Francesa:
  5. On a serious note, the following exchange, between two performing arts-world denizens, helped illustrate my larger point that even with technology, the current mode of arts journalism does not allow for a significant voice for the fans.
  6. One visual arts critic, who has a podcast, hoped to figure out a way to create a call-in feature -- and wondered if artists themselves would be willing to be involved
  7. I don't know if artists would be willing, but the fact that so much discussion was generated between people who love the arts suggests that there is plenty of room for more.