Raffaella Vicentini

Chakaya Chakaya

A Human Rights, Governance and Young People Affairs Advocate.BA.Journalism & MA. Political Science

Denise Sherman

Entrepreneur/ Writer/ Film-maker/ Social Media Ninja with a penchant for filter coffee and a low tolerance for bullshit. Proud member of #TeamHAVOC #THUDLife

Lake Victoria Rights

The Lake Victoria Rights Programme


A nonprofit organization that uses the power of film to bring life-saving information, psychological relief and much-needed hope to refugees and others in need.

The Population Reference Bureau informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment, and empowers them to use that information to advance the well-being of current and future generations. ●●● Inform. PRB analyzes complex demographic data and research to provide the most objective, accurate, and up-to-date population information in a format that is easily understood by advocates, journalists, and decisionmakers alike. ●●● Empower. Our commitment to putting information into action sets us apart. PRB builds coalitions and conducts workshops around the world to give our key audiences the tools they need to understand and communicate effectively about population issues. ●●● Advance. PRB works to ensure that policymakers in developing countries and in the United States rely on sound evidence, rather than anecdotal or outdated information, when creating population, health, and environmental policies.

MTV Shuga

Shuga is back for a hotly anticipated third series, this time set in Nigeria.

D Fairy GodSister

Liam's aunty, social media strategist, Editor @YNaija2015, Future Challenges blogger, everything you thought I'd be, and more. I am my tweets.


Nerdistic Intents with Delusions of Grandeur


The son of God who is optimistic,presenter at KBC.


Let's Create Africa

We simply “Network Creative Talent across Africa”. We Turn Ideas into Realities by Creating Innovative Solutions for Creative Needs.

Indies Profile

Indiesprofile.com will enables the indie sector to: 1) Book industry Jobs 2) Post industry jobs 3) Build Attractive Profile-Status 4) Develop and maintain a personal network of dynamic entertainment professionals

galken edymole

Hosea Kiplagat Kandagor ... maisha sidai oleng pi!

Jan Vajda

Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Tel:0421915825825, email: [email protected]