Documentaries that Pull Back the Curtain on Big Oil

Takeaways from the October 31 PNY program that showcased how environmental documentaries can have great social impact.


  1. Philanthropy New York and Media Impact Funders hosted "Documentaries that Pull Back the Curtain on Big Oil" to discuss the social and policy impact of documentary filmmaking.
  2. The program started with a in-depth discussion on Virunga, a documentary about a group of people trying to save the rich, biodiverse habitats of the Virunga National Park in Congo.
  3. For the filmmakers of Virunga, it goes far beyond just making a movie. The hope is for this documentary to create lasting impact.
  4. Afterwards, there was a presentation on Gasland, a 2010 documentary that examines the effects that hydraulic fracturing ("fracking").