#ProWithholdingEvidence DA Attacks the New York Times on Twitter

District Attorney Amy Weirich Goes Full Trump with #ProCrimeNYTimes Hashtag

  1. On August 1, NYT reporter Emily Bazelon published a long form story about Shelby Co. prosecutor Amy Weirich and Noura Jackson who spent nine years in prison before her conviction was overturned. The piece wasn't flattering to Weirich who's no stranger to controversy and accusations of misconduct.
  2. The story wasn't new.
  3. But it gathered a lot of information in one place and...
  4. Weirich immediately acknowledges that she looks corrupt. Instead of addressing the points she accuses the NYT of having a pro-crime agenda.
  5. Then the embattled DA took to Twitter to retry her case and prove that the NYT thinks crime is awesome! Because that makes total sense.
  6. She picked up a few supporters.
  7. Others just stood back and watched the meltdown.
  8. But wait, there's more...
  9. Wait... is HBO rolling out season 2 of The Night Of? Because this is starting to sound really familiar.
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