Restless Development Strategy Conference 2017



  1. Heads from each our Hubs and International Units came together in Delhi to drive our new Global Strategy forward across our agency in 2017.
  2. As part of our commitment to Dynamic Accountability, we were live on social media throughout the Conference to practice radical transparency and to bring more voices into the room.
  3. We started with the context and urgency of change that our strategy calls for, digging into the intentional language we are using, our theory of change, and models for individual and agency change.
  4. We then focused on our Model for Change - responding to the Priorities of Young People via the Restless Model for transformative change.
  5. Testing our Model for Change at scale, we mapped how we already are - and will continue - building a movement of young people, youth-led organisations and investing partners to unleash the power of youth-led change at scale: a Youth Collective.