Why You Should Clean Your Tongue

For many people, cleaning your tongue is something that you never really think about. however, if you talk to a Eugene dentist, they will encourage you to clean your tongue. You might notice as well that you might have bad breath despite brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day.


  1. You might not have a bad brushing technique, but the truth might be that you’re not cleaning the tongue right. There are a few things that you should know and pay attention to when it comes to cleaning your tongue, and how to do it.
  2. The reason why you clean your tongue is pretty important. Our tongue is a very important muscle, for it allows us to eat foods and even speak. If we didn’t have it, we wouldn’t’ be able to taste anything, talk to people, or even chew and swallow in an effective manner. It’s super important, and often, people don’t’ even think about it in that regard. We definitely do overlook it, and the tongue can be a key part to your overall oral health and success.

    Now, a tongue is a group of muscles that have a job that is specific. There are some muscles at the tip of the tongue, and some that help create the different speech sounds we might make. There is also a muscle that moves food from the front to the back, mixing it with saliva and then allowing you to swallow. There are other muscle groups that will help with the shape of the tongue, allowing you to move it up, down side to side, and you might start to make harder sounds with this. There are also parts of the tongue that will help move the food to digest it in a controlled manner so we don’t choke.

    As you can see from this, the tongue is a very important part of your body, and if you have bacteria building up in between your teeth, it will harden into plaque and tartar if it’s not removed. Bacteria will also build up on your tongue. Remember, that the surface of the tongue is covered in small bumps, and within the bumps it will collect various bacteria and other particles. This is then covered then by a layer of mucus that coats your mouth. Because of the other debris and bacteria in your mouth, it will continue to collect, causing you to have bad breath. If not taken care of, it causes halitosis, which is a white discoloration of the tongue with some bad breath. However, if further left untreated, the bacteria will then redeposit on the gums and teeth once they’ve been cleaned already, which will increase the plaque and tartar buildup.
  3. The best way to clean your tongue properly is to brush and scrape your tongue. You should use a gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush, and you should do it with a moistened toothbrush, not necessarily with toothpaste. You can do this however when you brush out your teeth. Spit out the extra toothpaste once you clean your teeth, and then clean your tongue before you rinse it out. This will allow your mouth and toothbrush have some of the toothpaste on it. you can then scrub the cheeks, tongue, and the top of your mouth before you rinse out once more to give yourself a lot of protective benefits of the toothpaste and a good clean all around. You can however, also use a tongue scraper. These will go along the surface of your tongue, which will take off the layer of mucus, along with debris that it’ll trap. Doing both will give you the epitome of oral health.

    For many, when it comes to clearing your mouth, your tongue is an important part of it. don’t’ forget it, and instead, you’ll be able to take care of your oral health even more so. Your tongue is a vital part, and when you go in to see a Kennewick Washington dentist, they’ll marvel at your oral health if you do this. Remember, your oral hygiene includes the parts that aren’t’ your teeth, so make sure that they’re scrubbed thoroughly to aid in success.
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