Pebblers #MakeAwesomeHappen

From 3D printed accessories and custom bands to watch faces and apps, Pebble gives its community the tools to make great things.

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  1. Just a year after launching its Kickstarter campaign, makers, developers, and Pebblers are already doing cool things with the tools Pebble has shared with the community.
  2. Big things have small beginnings. Thanks to our #Kickstarter backers for our first year and more ahead.
  3. Starting with a standard watchband design, any Pebble owner can customize the watchband to make Pebble their own.
  4. For makers and hardware hackers, Pebble made its 3D print files available on Github, paving the way for custom accessories.
  5. A pair of brothers in Washington, DC launched GadgetWraps to build and deliver custom skins in a myriad of colors.
  6. Keen to receive their watches, many Pebblers had fun with the 3D print files to help pass the time and manage smartwatch withdrawal.
  7. A year after Pebble's Kickstarter campaign, Jason Hilbourne launched WIDE BODY, a project to develop stylish, broad-style custom straps for Pebble...on Kickstarter.
  8. WIDE BODY: straps for Pebble (on Kickstarter!)
  9. To the food carts! With WIDE BODY black leather proto.
  10. As hardware hackers and makers get more familiar with Pebble's potential, more ideas and concepts for accessories will come to life, like Boomsling's concept for a Pebble charging dock.
  11. Pebble's Kickstarter launch anniversary also held gifts for hackers: The Pebble Watchapp SDK.