NetMundial 2014 - Day 1

Global Multistakeholder Meeting Future of Internet Gov São Paulo, Brazil Apr 23- 24 2014


  1. For the next two days, Internet governance will be discussed in Brazil at NETMundial.
  2. According to #NetMundial website: 
    "This meeting will focus on the elaboration of principles of Internet governance and the proposal for a roadmap for future development of this ecosystem. The goal is to consolidate proposals based on these two topics. NETmundial represents the beginning of a process for the construction of such policies in the global context, following a model of participatory plurality."
  3. Here's AccessNow infographic on what you need to know about this international meeting. 
    What is at stake?
  4. "The draft fails to mention that mass surveillance is a violation of human rights," note AccessNow.
  5. Global Key Internet Activities towards the Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance

  6. Digital rights activists are very critical of the multistakeholder approach and of the outcome of this meeting.
  7. The most praised speech was that of World Wide Web Foundation’s Nnenna Nwakanma, representing civil society.
  8. "My name is Nnenna. I come from the Internet," she started. 
    Here's the full transcript of her speech.