Presentation Week 3: Social Media and Social Activism

Class Presentation 9/5/2012, Poell & Borra and Lim


  1. Lim, M. (2012). Clicks, cabs, and coffee houses: Social media and oppositional movements in Egypt, 2004-2011. Journal of Communication, 62, 231-248.

  2. Poell, T., & Borra, E. (2012). Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr as platforms of alternative journalism: The social media account of the 2010 Toronto G20 protests. Journalism, 13(6), 695-713.

  3. Point 1:  Good Social Media Research is Rigorous!

  4. At first glance, researching online activity seems simple, but as Poell & Lim richly illustrate, doing it effectively requires a lot of effort!
  5. Point #2 Never underestimate the power of irregular information distribution.

  6. Point #3 Overcentralization can be dangerous when confronting power structures.

  7. Point #4 Effective narrative management is pivotal to effective engagement.

  8. Point #5 Maintaining effective priorities and focus can be the difference between effective protest and dangerous riot.  Knowing what is desired and how to pursue it is crucial.

  9. Point #6 Maintaining a sense of perspective and understanding the mindsets and attitudes of fellow citizens can be the difference between effective coalition building and disjointed, intergroup conflict.