RSS October 2016

Richmond Street School Newsletter for October 2016


  1. Principal: Mr. MacJanet .......................................... Vice Principal: Mrs. Alcox

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  2. From the office

  3. What a great start to a new school year! Already in September, Richmond Street was well represented by intermediate girls and intermediate boys soccer teams. We sent two co-ed junior soccer teams to the tournament and RSS#1 came home with the championship! Our cross country team braved wind and wet at the their first meet at Burgoyne Woods. Many thanks to all the parents and coaches who make these events possible. Our grade 3 classes traveled to Morningstar Mill. The grade 8 classes spent a day at leadership camp. The whole school participated in our Terry Fox Run, Red and White Day and Orange T-shirt Day. Our grades 7 and 8 students showed inspiring leadership providing a very fun Play Day to wrap up the month...and we're just getting started!
  4. October brings two Recognition Assemblies- the first on October 3 and the second on October 31. Keep in mind that October 7 is a PA Day, and the 10th is Thanksgiving. The students will enjoy a four day weekend. Teachers will be meeting on Friday to review student achievement data and to make plans for supporting their students' needs in math and literacy this year. To see all the highlighted days on our October calendar, please visit our webpage through the link below:
  5. School Safety for Walkers and Riders

  6. On Thursday, September 22, a panel including members from the City of Thorold, school staff, DSBN Chair Dale Robinson, public health, a transportation rep from DSBN, an engineer from the Region of Niagara, an RSS parent and our student prime minister.
  7. As a result of those recommendations, for the safety of our students, the City of Thorold has gated and locked the access between the Community Centre parking lot and RSS playground. Parents are encouraged to park at the Community Centre front lot. Older students will access the lot by walking on the sidewalk from the front of the school. Those who are picking up younger students may walk to meet them at the green patch with benches near the front doors of the school.
    Thanks for your help in ensuring the safety of our Richmond Street Raptors!
  8. Come out on Hallowe'en to join in the fun at school!

  9. Kindergarten students wear their costumes to school. Stay a while after drop off and watch their Kinder Costume Parade. Our 11:00 am Recognition Assembly features the character celebration of perseverance for October. Primary, Junior, and Intermediate students will put on their costumes after lunch. Primary and Junior students will parade at 1:30 pm. Come on out to enjoy the parade in front of the school!
  10. Our Youth Counsellor and Social Worker and

  11. Beginning in September, both a Youth Counselor and Social Worker will be working in our school to enhance the mental health and well being of our students, to help create a more successful learning environment for all.

    Tracy Hofland, Youth Counselor will be in classrooms and running groups with students focusing on emotional regulation, resiliency, coping strategies, confidence building, social skills and more. All students can benefit from these important lessons, and in this school-wide approach we hope that students will build skills to assist them in their day to day lives.

    Jen Drury, Social Worker, will be providing more intensive services to students and families requiring mental health support. She may work directly with students, run groups, help navigate the system/ case manage, consult with staff and families, provide professional development for staff and more.
  12. Picture Day is October 11- the first day back after Thanksgiving!

  13. October is International Walk to School Month

  14. Lace up your shoes or snap on those bike helmets for an active trip to school.
    If you live far from school, park a few blocks away and walk part of the trip.
    If you ride a bus take part by walking to your bus stop.

    Here’s a quick trivia question to have fun with at the dinner table tonight. Walking and wheeling to school can improve:

    A) Health
    B) Happiness
    C) Stress Level
    D) Grades
    E) Safety
    F) All of the above

    If you said F, you’re correct! Walking and wheeling to school has many benefits and those are just a few. (Source:

    Tips to remember when walking or biking:

    · Look left,right and left again when crossing the street
    · Never run or dart out into the street or cross between parked cars
    · Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them and watch out for cars that are turning or backing up
    · It’s always best to walk on sidewalks or paths. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible
    · Cross streets at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks
    · Watch out for cars coming out of driveways and alleys
    · If what you are doing has wheels, protect your brain – always wear a helmet
    · When riding your bike, ride in the same direction as the cars are driving

    Tips from