Newtown Patch: Sandy Hook School Shooting

More than two dozen were killed in the school, many of them 6- and 7-year-old students.

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  1. Check here for ongoing updates.
  2. More information on the wrongly-accused shooter.
  3. A woman waits to hear about her sister, a teacher, following the school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in #Newtown, Conn. Dozens are dead, including 18 children. (Photo by Jessica Hill, AP)
  4. A witness describes to CBS the man taken into custody.
  5. School shooting: Witness describes man in custody
  6. The governor continues to send resources to Newtown.
  7. More details on the shooting itself.
  8. The Connecticut Post reports the principal is among the dead.
  9. A second suspect is in custody and his home is being searched, CBS reports.
  10. At least 18 children are dead, and police still have not ruled out a second shooter, according to reports.
  11. An entire classroom is still unaccounted for, according to the Hartford Courant.