Twitter Scavenger Hunt

For this assignment My colleague Noha and I were assigned to ask members of AUC community members several questions and tweet their answers with their photos from Noha's account.

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  1. Professor Mervat Abou Auf, The chair of the Mass communication department in AUC was asked about the role that the social media plays in the society.
  2. This student was asked about the varieties of clubs for students at AUC. I also consider this one of my favourite tweets, because the student was so friendly and helpful during the interview. 
  3. This is a scenic spot on campus, and I was a amazed when I saw popcorn and cotton candy on campus for the first time in the plaza.
  4. I took this tweet from my colleague Farah, I think that this is an interesting fact to discover after spending six years in AUC.
  5. This student is a Rugby player in AUC Ladies team, and she responded to our question with a smile that showed her admiration to Rugby.
  6. This Student was asked about his favourite eating spot on campus, and he was so shy to pose for the camera.
  7. This Photo is in the Engineering department, and it shows that AUC has cut the edge for learning
  8. This tweet is taken from Yasmine Tawfik, and this is one of my favourite tweets because, I think it perfectly reflected the spirit in campus
  9. This student was asked about his source of news.
  10. This is a photo of me in my favourite spot on campus, I like the bricks in front of the library because I think that it is a perfect place for relaxation.
  11. This photo shows the spirit in AUC and the accomplishments in the Construction Engineering department.
  12. This is an unknown fact about the Rare Book Section in the third floor, located in AUC library.
  13. Noha, my partner who worked with me on the Scavenger hunt likes this area behind the library, as it is surrounded by greenery everywhere.