This I Believe blogs

Some "This I Believe" favourites with Grade 12.


  1. Everlasting Knights - Michael "I believe that any person, no matter their physical traits, can embody the valiant soul of a knight; sheathed with a sword of justice and filled with a heart of honour."
  2. The Good in All - Tanya - "I don’t look at life through rose-colored glasses, and a glass half full is usually just half empty to me. I am not an eternal optimist, but I do believe there is good in all."
  3. Freedom - Gurman - "I believe the day will come when I can return to the land I call home. To once again embrace, not just physically but within me, that profoundness that the fish found in the ocean and the bird found in the sky. Freedom."
  4. Simplicity is Instilled Within Me - Noor - "I sincerely believe simplicity is a necessity within my life as it promotes gratitude and reminds me to remain humble."
  5. Our Thoughts Construct our Path - Corey "Many of us might view our lives as meandrous, or even without direction. Moving from day to day, stress to stress, situation to situation. It all feels like just another thing we have to deal with before we can move on. It seems like we have nowhere to go and no control. We don’t believe, so it doesn’t happen."
  6. There is Hope for the Hopeless - Areesha - "That all changed once I heard that nauseating word being brought up less casually and more personally within my family, more specifically, the person who means the world to me- my mom. Those heart breaking moments of hearing many statistics of survival and the constant apologies from those around us, was the start of a downward spiral of losing the one thing we should have held a death grip onto, hope."
  7. Nightbound Experience - Harleen - "There’s something about the night life that sparks an awakening within me. ... may be a connection between being born in the evening and my biological attachment to come alive when time seems insignificant.
  8. I Believe in Feminism - Tania - "Feminism empowers women, it helps them gain confidence, strength, and independence. That’s the kind of woman I want to be – empowered, strong, confident and independent."
  9. This I Believe, This I Hope You Believe, This the World Needs to Believe - Umair - "The women of our world are forced into boxes to live every second of their lives by; constantly sexualized by not only the men of the world but also the women."
  10. Plan-it Earth - Emma - "Now why am I doing all of this? Answer: simply because I don’t want to be the one to have done nothing. Not the one who sat on the sidelines watching the world collapse. I will not be oblivious to the horrific events occurring on our planet every day. The health of the Earth would not be the only problem solved if everyone chose to make more conscious decisions."
  11. Happiness is a Choice - Madison - "...I know one thing to be true, everyone – no matter who you are – wants to believe that their source of unhappiness comes from someone or something else. Even I sometimes find myself thinking this way. But the truth is, unhappiness comes from within, and is determined by one person only."
  12. Learning is Essential - Matt - "Learning has been a vital tool in the progression of my identity. Both my future and my present rely on the continuance of learning; therefore, I believe it is one of the most important pieces in my life. I believe that learning something new or refining what you know is important for everyone to do."
  13. Being More - Elaine - "I don’t like saying that I believe in being a dreamer because to me a dreamer isn’t really the same as going after what you want in life. What I do believe in is living life with a childlike curiosity and desire. I believe in finding inspiration wherever you go; I believe in '… the idea of not being what people expect me to be,' and foremost, I believe in my ability to be more."
  14. Conviction - Siddhant - "To me conviction is a deep persuasion that something is right and it must be done. I believe that conviction is the most important quality that an individual requires to achieve their dreams."
  15. Mindset Over Matter - Blair "I was much more afraid of life, of all these possibilities, of all this knowledge, which I could never hope to obtain in one lifetime."
  16. Immaturity: This I Believe - Jashanjot - "My theory is that the only reason we’re told to grow up boring is because the adults we know were tricked into it too, and they are jealous. Jealous that we still have a youthful innocence and immature charm. Jealous that they don’t. "