Pallavi Chhelavda and Her Life-Enriching Vastu Tips


  1. The science of vaastu and fengshui is an eternal bridge between the man and the universe. It is backed by powerful forces of nature, and therefore can have a significant impact on the course of life of an individual. There are 5 elements of vastu shastra namely, Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space, and their combined effect is known to have a major influence on several aspects of human life such as health, career, relationships and business.  In order to attract luck and good fortune, it is essential to strike a cordial balance between all these five elements and man, and Pallavi Chhelavda is the best resource to obtain effective vastu and fengshui related consultations that enrich your life with bliss and abundance.

    Pallavi Chellavda is a highly-regarded U.S. based vastu fengshui expert who is known to provide helpful remedies to bring constructive changes in life by taking advantage of these ancient sciences. Pallavi Chhelavda services include a wide assortment of consultations related to vastu for new home, vastu for existing home, vastu for gas station, vastu for motel, vastu for business and vastu for education. Not only this, she also provides result-oriented solutions to establish peace and harmony in one’s love relationships by deducing precise love compatibility according to vastu and fengshui, which helps you to choose your ideal life partner easily.

    Successful consultant Pallavi Chhelavda is a dynamic personality who is a well-known author of several books on the subject of vastu and fengshui. Her vastu show titled “Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelvda” is her endeavor to empower people with knowledge about this mysterious science which has a considerable charge over one’s life. The show is broadcasted on TV Asia every Sunday through which provides valuable insights into the hidden relationship between real estate and vastu, vastu and success, relation and vastu, restaurant business and vastu, architecture and vastu, beauty salon and vastu and also office and fengshui.

    She founded Vastu Fengshui Research Institute in the year 1989 with a vision to provide clients with a single place that caters to all their vastu and fengshui related concerns. The tag line of her institute is “Ek Raah or Sahi Sidha Jo Zindgi Badalde” which is a Hindi phrase meaning, one right path and direction can significantly transform your life for better. Reviews about Pallavi Chhelvda and her unmatched vastu and fengshui recommendations have been positive, which contribute in cementing her standing as one of the most trusted and learned vastu practitioners.