#StopArmingIsrael Day of Action Against Barclays Bank

On 28 November 2014 over 15 Barclays branches in the UK were hit by protests over the bank holding $3m shares in Israeli arms company Elbit whose drones kill Palestinians in Gaza


  1. On a busy Saturday afternoon over 35 activists from London Palestine Action walked into the capital's flagship branch of Barclays bank and shut it down
  2. They proceeded to lay out Palestinian food and have a 'picnic against Israeli apartheid' while chanting and waving flags and banners
  3. Activists came together to protest the fact that the bank holds $3m shares in Israel's biggest arms company, Elbit Systems, responsible for making drones used to kill Palestinians in Gaza and beyond
  4. The London protest was just one of the 15 (or more) that took place at the same time across the UK to mark the United Nations Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
  5. Down in Brighton activists unfurled banners that read 'Blood Bank' and 'Stop Arming Israel' at Barclays
  6. They pasted images of the destruction and death Israel created by Israel in Gaza this summer to let people know why they were they
  7. Meanwhile there was an occupations at Barclays in Birmingham...
  8. Protests at branches in Leeds and Newcastle...
  9. A 'die-in' at Sheffield to symbolise the more than 2,000 Palestinians killed in the Israeli bombing in July - August this year...
  10. And demonstrations in Glasgow...
  11. Canterbury, Bristol, Cambridge...