Pageants and the People: Bury St Edmunds and Magna Carta (online exhibition)


  1. In 1907, 1959 and 1970 the people of Bury St Edmunds staged three large historical pageants. Local people and visitors flocked to the abbey gardens to see the theatrical re-enactment of the town's past. Hundreds took part as performers, and many more worked behind the scenes. In 2015, as the world marked the eighth century of Magna Carta, our exhibition at Moyse's Hall told the story of these three pageants - two of which had much to say about the town's association with that historical document. On this webpage we have pictures from the physical exhibition, along with stories from the pageant, and other features. Even though the exhibition has finished, this material will stay online. Check out our oral histories with pageanteers from 1959 especially!
  2. The panels and paddles that made up the physical exhibition at the Museum:
  3. Extended features on each of the three pageants:
  4. Interviews with 1959 pageanteers:
  5. Blogs: