Student Ed-Tech Startup Hosts Textbook Affordability Rally on Campus

New education technology startup Packback is piloting a new patented method of e-book distribution in higher-ed markets next Fall. In the meantime, we hosted a student affordability rally on campus at Illinois State University, attempting to collect $1,000,000 in student textbook spending.


  1. Every day for the past two weeks, we've been monitoring THOUSANDS of tweets like this.
  2. So we decided to do something about it on campus.

  3. Who:  3 cofounders, 1 designer, 4 marketing specialists, and an entire business fraternity standing behind them.
    Mission:  Collect $1,000,000 in textbook receipts over two weeks from students wanting to take action and host a campus rally event on the quad to gain attention.
    Results:  $50,000 collected at Illinois State University in just two hours, and $120,000 raised in the first 3 days.

    The Setup:

  4. 4,000 handbills, 400 fliers, one massive poster, 3 pillows, paper bags, some clothes from the thrift store, and a monkey suit.
  5. hot off the press #takingbacktextbooks
    hot off the press #takingbacktextbooks
  6. Spreading word of mouth on campus takes a little creativity.  Here's what we decided to make.
  7. Three displaced creations around the ISU quad.  Dozens of students stopped regularly to take pictures on their way to classes.
  8. #takingbacktextbooks
  9. The event:

  10. I sacrificed spring break to buy textbooks #takingbacktextbooks
    I sacrificed spring break to buy textbooks #takingbacktextbooks
  11. Students stopped by to grab pictures with Taylor from Packback sporting his monkey suit.  "Textbook prices are driving me bananas".
  12. #takingbacktextbooks
  13. TV-10, The Daily Vidette, and WZND all featured us in support.  Stories will be up and running on campus on Wednesday.
  14. cofounder Mike Shannon interviewed at our textbook rally #takingbacktextbooks
    cofounder Mike Shannon interviewed at our textbook rally #takingbacktextbooks
  15. We talked to hundreds of students on campus. We didn't need to prompt much discussion to get students ranting on high textbook prices.

    "Hey there, how much did you spend on textbooks this semester?"
  16. Packback Rallies ISU on Textbooks
  17. Here's some of the reactions!  Follow the movement at #takingbacktextbooks.