#PSJDChat: Using Social Media During the Public Interest Law Job Hunt

In our latest effort to bridge communication between employers, career service leaders, and job seekers, PSJD.org launched a weekly Twitter chat! We kicked things off with our first topic: “Personal Branding: Using Social Media During The Job Hunt”. Following are highlights. Enjoy!


  1. PSJD Fellow Ashley Matthews kicked off #PSJDChat with a big welcome!

  2. Some of our less-shy participants jumped right into the conversation early on, letting us know their name and law school. Our most vocal participants were from Denver Law, the University of Detroit, and other great law schools around the country.
  3. After introductions, PSJD user Natalie asked the first question of the #PSJDChat: even if you are actively using social media to get a job, will potential employers even notice? PSJD pointed out research that shows legal employers are using social media now more than ever, and participating in industry chats could be the best way to get noticed for intelligent engagement. Ms. JD, a prominent nonprofit dedicated to improving the experiences of female attorneys, and Alison Monahan, social media extraordinaire and author of the Girls Guide to Law School, both pointed out that it varies depending on the employer. It was well agreed that the right kind of attention to your social media profiles can't hurt.
  4. PSJD user @CityCowGirl then asked a big question: can blogging hurt your chances at landing your dream job? She bravely offered up her own blog as an example. The consensus was that there is a fine line between professional and personal blogging, and one has to be aware of the difference. Ms. JD pointed out that it would be smart to blog about the type of law you're interested in. This can lead to great connections, especially if you link your blog to LinkedIn and connect with others in your desired industry. We also shared links to great advice on personal and professional branding.