Project Ecosystem: mapping global mental health research

In 2016, RAND Europe and the International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders published a unique report, mapping the global 'ecosystem' of organisations funding mental health research. This tracks a 3-day campaign to increase exposure and encourage collaboration in this complex field.


  1. 13 July 2016 - a warm-up tweet trailed the planned Project Ecosystem launch to @PRISMscience followers and mental health research funders:
  2. 14 July 2016 - the campaign kicked off with a tweet that linked to the Project Ecosystem summary report, with a map of over >1,900 organisations identified as supporting global mental health research. We tagged the image with the principal funders of the study:
  3. We followed this with tweets that tagged the leading global mental health research funding organisations and charities, plus a number of other organisations who had their profiles written up as part of a series of funder 'deep dives', respectively - aiming to alert funders to their inclusion in the report:
  4. Later in the day, we tweeted out headline findings from the project using a series of image cards, to give an idea of which mental health conditions were most commonly researched...
  5. ...who was funding this research...
  6. ...where these funders are predominantly based...
  7. ...and how we went about ascertaining this:
  8. The project team helped to boost exposure for the work:
  9. RAND Europe also mirrored headline information from their @RANDEurope Twitter feed, linking to the Project Ecosystem landing page with a summary of findings from the report:
  10. 15 July 2016 - to further boost exposure, the following day we put out a series of #ICYMI tweets, again mentioning leading mental health research funders (both in the UK, and internationally) who may have an interest in understanding their place within the global ecosystem of funders: