PorcelainPrincess 101 On Places to Get Help

Many People Suffer from eating disorders, this board is to prove that you are not alone. There are many places that people can get help, many different outlets people can use to express their feeling and emotions.


  1. Below are a series of outlets of people who have either suffered eating disorders themselves, or know people who have suffered from them. This board will start off by talking about eating disorders through different outlets, the first which was aired on BBC which is a documentary talking about different eating disorders, followed by links to relevant sources where people can find out information not mentioned in the video such as the NIMH and the National Eating disorder association, followed by information of actual people who have suffered from eating disorders as they talk about their struggles. 
  2. What does Let's be skinny mean by "they are complexer than that..." I can only speak to my own personal experiences but, In my case it did begin by the want and the need to be skinny, at which point does it become more complex? When someone suffering from an eating disorder begins to make radical decisions about which food to eat, or whether to not eat at all, to binge or not? It become more complex because the image of skinny in your brain becomes warped, skinny is never skinny enough. The person you see in the mirror isn't your true self.  That's how it becomes more complex.
  3. Living On Air (BBC Documentary on Anorexia & Bulimia) Part 1/4
  4. The video above mentions studies done in the past with men who were starved, many things began to happen to these men, organs being to diminish, heart striking, mental capabilities depilated. It then goes on to talk about the differences between anorexia and bulimia and how these eating disorders date back to over 100s of years. It talks about different cases. This just proves eating disorders are not so black and white, they are not the same, each person begins differently, and suffers differently. He also mentions it is the leading cause of death within the mental illness range. 
  5. Above and below are great links for anyone who is suffering from an eating disorder or know someone suffering from an eating disorder to check out. They both talk about symptoms, causes and treatments and prevention. There are many outlets of people willing to help. 
  6. Before and After Treatment: Eating Disorders Help
  7. These are real women suffering from these eating disorders, I have chosen women who have suffered through sever cases of eating disorders to prove they are not something to joke about. If you feel that someone you know has an eating disorder you have to handle how you speak to them delicately. You want them to feel they are not alone, you want them to feel they have someone to talk to. You DONT want to tell them how to feel, what to do, or how they should look. You will just shut them out and make them feel more alone. You WANT them to know you are there to help. 
  10. Above are some twitter posts of people who regularly tweet about eating disorders. Check out their pages. 
  11. Eating Disorders - Recovery is a bitch.
  12. Teen Eating Disorders and Residential Treatment - Her Story - Center for Discovery
  13. Dr. Jennifer Johnson - Eating Disorders and Comorbidity
  14. Just know you are not alone! The purpose of my board is to show you that you are not alone, to show you that you can get help not matter how difficult the battle will be, in the end it will be worth it. This board is to be inspirational and encouraging to motivate people to want to recover. It may be quite the journey but it will be worth it.