Brexit and Wales

Understanding the Reasons Behind the Welsh Vote


  1. On Thursday 30th March, 2017, the PPIW and Knowledge and Analytical Services welcomed colleagues to an evidence symposium which aimed to understand the reasons behind the Welsh vote in last year’s referendum on EU membership. We also asked why did 52.5 per cent vote Leave, why did 47.5 per cent vote Remain, and how the Welsh Government can adequately respond to people’s attitudes and concerns?

  2. We brought together academic analysis from Wales, as well as broader expertise from across the UK, providing a mix of short presentations with a broader discussion about the implications of Brexit for Wales.
  3. Our speakers were:
    Guy Goodwin (NatCen) discussed the UK vote on Brexit, as well as new research on what UK voters want from Brexit, and what this means for Wales.
    Professor Ailsa Henderson (University of Edinburgh) discussed the different attitudes to Brexit in Wales, Scotland and England.
    Dr Chris Hanretty (University of East Anglia) presented data showing how different constituencies in Wales voted.
    Professor Roger Scully (Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University) discussed the causes of the Welsh vote in the EU referendum.