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Obama roasted over "Starbucks salute"


  1. Twitter was not happy with President Barack Obama's arrival in New York on Tuesday after the White House posted an Instagram video of the president's saluting Marines--with coffee in hand. Dubbed on Twitter as both the "Starbucks salute" and "latte salute," some on the right jumped on what they saw as an example of lack of decorum from the commander-in-chief, while others from the Beltway media also commented on the presidential latte lapse. Sarah Palin also took to Facebook, writing in a post: "U.S. Armed Forces, our apologies."
  2. President Obama just landed in New York for #UNGA2014. Watch him speak at 12:50pm ET on his plan to #ActOnClimate:
  3. Others on the left pointed to former President George W. Bush saluting while holding one of his Scottish terriers, while others in the media said the uproar was overblown.