Souza brings W.H. to Instagram

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  1. White House photographer Pete Souza is used to capturing the president of the United States using a top end camera, not, say, an iPhone. But he’s now on Instagram, the photo-sharing social media site typically dominated by cell phone pictures.

    “The digital folks here at the White House have been asking me to do this for some time and I thought the time was right to finally take the plunge,” he tells TIME, adding that he’ll use Instagram to take photos “from situations away from the primary action.”

    Like, say, of Bo, the Obama’s dog.

    “I love Bo especially because we’re both of Portuguese descent. That said, photographing a dog with black hair is certainly a challenge.”

    Here's a sampling:

  2. Close up of Bo this morning
  3. Pres Obama and VP Biden outside the Oval Office today
  4. Marine One lands on South Lawn upon our return from Camp David
  5. Rainy day. Hope weather is better in Arizona.
  6. Nice view of the Washington Monument from my car window on the drive home tonight
  7. Pres Obama meets w Pres Sang of Vietnam in Oval Office this am
  8. Pres Obama boards Air Force One
  9. Principal Deputy Josh Earnest preps for press gaggle aboard AF1