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Right blogs, pundits react to Ferguson


  1. In the days since a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a teen from Missouri, conservative pundits have weighed in on the situation, focusing on issues of police militarization, the actions of looters and President Barack Obama's response to the situation. 

    From scenes of police releasing tear gas, pictures of protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, and the arrests of Washington Post and Huffington Post reporters, the mounting tensions between protesters and police seem to bring up new debates. But according to conservatives, the debate surrounding the power given to police, and "police militarization," has been a right-wing focus for years. Only now people are listening. 

    On Thursday, CNN's S.E. Cupp began highlighting the conservative interest in police militarization from the past. 
  2. The attention focused on the power given to police is a common theme among conservative blogs. And as many worry that the Republican party has grown disjointed, some are using opinions surrounding the police to highlight the differences between conservatives and libertarians, such as this article from the Federalist.
  3. Other outlets followed suit: Red State has declared that President Barack Obama "should call on the police to demilitarize." Mary Katherine Ham, editor-at-large of Hot Air, wrote on Wednesday, "We ask more of police in a free society than creating militarized zones out of tough situations." The National Review's Kevin D. Williamson furthered the argument, writing that the decision to release the names of nine people charged with looting in Ferguson but not the name of the police officer who shot Brown is "illuminating." 

    "[The Ferguson and St. Louis County police] are ridiculously militarized suburban police dressed up like characters from Starship Troopers and pointing rifles at people from atop armored vehicles, i.e. the worst sort of mall ninjas," Williamson writes. 
  4. While some focus on the acts of police, others are choosing to focus on the acts of protesters. Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson wrote, "[Looters] took true outrage, peacefully demonstrate, and turned it into a three-ring circus. The death of Michael Brown is no longer the story." 

    He wasn't the only one:

  5. And as Ferguson continues to resemble a war zone between protesters and police, others are focusing their sights away from Missouri and over to Martha's Vineyard. 

    "It's just a shame that while all this is going on the president's busy vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, 'cause otherwise he'd be able to solve this. I mean, he was elected to make sure this kind of thing didn't happen," Rush Limbaugh said during his radio show on Tuesday. "A lot of people voted for Obama thinking that his election, the election of the first black president, would bring an end to this.  And, sadly, it has not."