Hashtag highlights N.C. abortion debate

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  1. Why might you see #motorcyclevagina trending on your Twitter timeline? Abortion rights activists have been using the hashtag to call attention to anti-abortion legislation being attached to a motorcycle safety bill in the North Carolina Legislature on Thursday.

    The move was the latest in the abortion debate brewing in the state, which picked up speed last week when the state Senate rewrote House legislation to include the language. Legislators attached the abortion restrictions to the motorcycle safety bill Wednesday, according to local news station WRAL.

    The measure, altered slightly after a veto threat from the state’s governor, includes provisions allowing any health care provider to opt out of providing an abortion, requiring physicians to be present for the entire procedure and asking abortion clinics be regulated similarly to ambulatory surgery centers.

    Followers of the debate were using the #motorcyclevagina hashtag to provide updates on the bill as well as crack jokes.