1. As CIA Director John Brennan took the podium on Thursday to address the recent Senate torture report, Sen. Dianne Feinstein took to Twitter to fact-check his remarks.
  2. Feinstein's feisty fact-checking used the hashtag #ReadTheReport, referencing the Senate report released on Tuesday that details instances where the CIA mislead the public, Congress and the White House on torture techniques used by the agency, which included reports of waterboarding, stress positions and forced feeding.
  3. During the press conference, Brennan admitted that officers, at times "exceeding" policies, but never called the actions taken "torture," and instead referred to all questioning methods as "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" or "EITs."
  4. Brennan also called the report "hyperbole," "exaggeration and misrepresentation" and said claims that no intelligence was gained from the use of these techniques "lacks any foundation at all," although he admitted that the agency "fell short" on holding some agents accountable for "mistakes."
  5. These comments did not sit well with Feinstein who, as the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, lead the efforts to release the report. She fired back at Brennan over Twitter to dispute that any "useful" information was collected by the harsh techniques described in the report.