Nov. 3 Portland Anti-Austerity March

"Today, a coalition of labor, education, anti-war, and community organizations took to the streets to protest against national, state, and local austerity measures that seek to put the burden of the financial crisis on the working class with budget cuts"


  1. Timeline
  2. As people gathered in Holladay Park, a 'Running of the Bulls' flash mob was held against rising debt. After meeting outside the Convention Center and demonstrating briefly, the mob ran through the Lloyd Center shopping mall to spread their anti-austerity message. Alex Milan Tracy documented the action:
  3. Banner drop against coal exports in the Pacific Northwest:
  4. "Police used pepper spray and force against #N3 anti-austerity protesters as they tried to breach police lines and head northbound from NE Halsey St to 14th Ave. Dozens of people were covered in the liberal use of the spraying of the front lines." - Alex Milan Tracy
  5. Video of the incident shot from a distance by Mike Bluehair: