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  1. "The county board has theutmost respect for these professionals, which is why people who solely rely onthe Internet companies and advertisements they receive by mail -- 99.5 percentof the time they will not be successful with their appeal," Rockwell said.
    Law firms, eager for a slice of theaction, have gotten involved, too, often targeting large-scale, cookie-cutterdevelopments where the properties are similar or nearly identical. Typically,they will offer to handle your appeal in exchange for a fixed percentage --say, 40 or 50 percent -- of the tax dollar savings generated if your appeal issuccessful.
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    I'm working in this right now. Doingit myself (very easy to get the comparable sales info)... Based on the averagecost per sq. foot from recent sales in my neighborhood (October 2011 throughOctober 2012) I am anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 over-assessed. That's about$600 to $1000 off my taxes if I win my appeal. I think it's only like $25 to doit yourself, as opposed to $100+ for these services. You specifically CANNOTuse your neighbor's *assessment* as a comparison. You have to use actual salesdata, and compare that to your assessment on a $ per sq. foot basis.
    2 years ago, I did request areassessment based on the purchase price of my home. We got the assessmentreduced by about 70K and ended up saving a nice chunk of change in taxes.Although I received MANY offers to do this for us at the time, I filled out theform and it was an easy process. Today - I had to laugh as I received thatValue Appeal notice that started this tread. What was even funnier is that, onthe notice, my market value was listed as higher than the assessed value andthey were still claiming that I am over assessed... Just a piece of junk mail -that made me laugh and then in the garbage it went.
    Generally, any comparable sales datayou provide must be for properties located in the same municipality -- and,ideally, in the same neighborhood -- where your own property is located. Thecloser to your home a given property is -- and the more similar that propertyis to yours in terms of other characteristics such as square footage, style(ranch, Colonial, etc.), year built, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and soforth -- the more likely it is to aid you in your appeal.
    "Many boards won't dothat," said Makoujy. "I can remember in years past, we would have towait for notification by mail. It's very helpful in my opinion if a taxpayercan walk away knowing right away what the results of their hearing are."
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    Property taxes arise as the resultof the local budget process.  While your property taxes may not beappealed, your property’s tax assessment may be challenged through a proceedingknown as a Tax Appeal. A taxpayer considering an appeal should understandthat he/she must prove that his/her assessed value is “unreasonable” underthe law. By law, your current assessment is assumed to becorrect. You must overcome this presumption of correctness in order toobtain an assessment change. The best way to achieve a desirable result in thisprocess is by hiring expert legal representation to present your case and, ifrequired, bring a lawsuit to achieve the greatest savings.
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    There seem to be very little realworld "guidelines" on this topic. Very technical (but relativelysimple) instructions, but nothing that says "Hey, if you're under 15%don't even bother trying..." One guy at work has done this 3 years in arow, in Dover. Never had a problem and got his taxes easily reduced every year.Two others, in Long Valley (one with a lawyer) were both rejected with nospecific reason given. So, it's basically a $25 gamble.
    So perhaps you have reason to believeyou're overtaxed and feel you have a strong case for an appeal. Other than thefact that it's not a one-shot deal of sending your form in and waiting for areply, what are some of the other misconceptions about the tax appeal process?
    In an effort to make the process astransparent and understandable as possible, the county tax board provides acomplete packet of instructions and related forms, including the petition ofappeal that generally must be filed by April 1 of each year.
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    Here you go; this should do you:  need the block and lot to be exact. There's current owner assessment listfor the deed prices and a deed list for tax values. Use the "moredata" button to flip from one to another. So let's look up a hypothetical,we'll call it Jeff Rude's or JRs house in Diamond Hill on Brookside Ave ----hmmm. paid $335 in 01/06, got .5 acre, 2 story single family, and pays 7,900 intaxes. Assessed for $257, sorry. 2,000 square feet, built in 1966, not muchelse known. Want a picture? Good luck and helps if you know recent sales.
    "When I got up to 75, I toldpeople I was no longer taking assignments, but still kept getting phone callsfrom people I spoke to in December or so, or people I did work for in thepast," Makoujy said. "I can't tell you how many tax appeal calls I'vegotten from elderly people. The problem is there really aren't that many qualifiedpeople to do this kind of work. Any appraiser worth their salt has got to be upto their eyeballs in work right now. I've probably turned away as many as I'veaccepted."
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    Since the rules for filing a taxappeal are uniform throughout New Jersey, you can use the information and thepetition of appeal even if you reside outside Sussex County, the onlydifference being that the petition and related paperwork must be filed with thetax board for the county in which your property tax assessment is beingchallenged. The rules also require that a copy of the appeal and anyattachments be filed with the municipal tax assessor and municipal clerk wherethe property is located.
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    For one thing, the term "taxappeal" is itself a bit of a misnomer. When a tax appeal is filed, itisn't one's property taxes themselves but, rather, the property assessment thatis being challenged. It is this assessment that, when the local tax rate isapplied to it, ultimately determines the taxes paid on a particular piece ofproperty.
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    "That's definitely an anomaly,but it's really strong evidence of how our system works," said CharlesWalsh, the company's founder and CEO. He added that the discrepancy actuallyshowed how scrupulous ValueAppeal was in constantly updating its database andonly offering its service to those it genuinely believes it can help.
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    Fierro said that in most cases, theSussex County board also provides homeowners with an immediate answer on theday of their hearing rather than making them wait for a letter in the mailtelling them the results.
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    While, in some cases, a municipalitymay offer to settle a homeowner's tax appeal prior to a hearing, the vastmajority of appeals end up being heard by the county tax board. As in a formalcourt hearing, homeowners who show up have the right to bring an attorney andan expert witness in the form of a licensed appraiser to challenge the basisfor their assessment. But they can also expect to be cross-examined themselvesby their town's attorney and to have the basis for their appeal called intoquestion by the municipal tax assessor.
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    Fortunately, even if you have notyet done most of the work needed -- or if you have already filed an appeal butfear you have not provided sufficient documentation to make a strong case --there is still time: As long as the petition itself is filed by the deadline,you have until seven days before your hearing date to provide the county taxboard, tax assessor and municipal clerk with the comparable sales data to goalong with it.
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    On or before February 15th, you'llreceive a Notice of Property Tax Assessment for 2011 postcard from your municipalityshowing the current assessment. Is this the true market value? For themajority of municipalities in Middlesex County, the answer is NO. This numbermust be adjusted by your municipality's average ratio to obtain theirestimation of true market value of your home. In North Brunswick, NJ, forexample, multiply this number by 2.
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    The reasons for the trend are nothard to fathom: With the tectonic forces that have continued roiling thehousing market the last few years, assessments are being rendered obsoleteoften in as little as a few years.
    An exception to the deadline appliesto those living in towns that have just undergone a reassessment or full-scalerevaluation, who have until May 1. Those towns, in Sussex County, areFrankford, Green, Hopatcong, Lafayette, Stanhope and Sussex Borough.
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    Rockwell said mounting a successfulappeal takes much time and effort. But, she said, "if you take the time toread our instructions, which we have taken the time to write to help thetaxpayer, they do spell out the proper procedures and some documentationrequired by our county board. It is so frustrating when a taxpayer has ourpacket in hand and still did not do the necessary paperwork, that we haveprovided no less. ... I am aware it is a lot to read, but a tax appeal takestime and research, and people who do the necessary work are usuallysuccessful."
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    Join us on February 24th from 7 pmto 8 pm for our "How to Appeal NJ Property Taxes" seminar. Thisseminar is being held at the Prudential Fox & Roach / Trident GroupBuilding located at 1500 Finnegans Lane, North Brunswick, NJ 08902.
    Even so, said Makoujy, "Whatgood is it to have comparable sales if they aren't usable or if you haven'tmade the necessary adjustments for square footage, lot size, or for the numberof bedrooms, bathrooms and all the rest?"
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    Following a successful tax appealthe equalized assessed value of the property, provided no improvements are madeto the property, will be set for the year of the appeal and the following twoyears, or three years in total.
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