Pilgrimage for a Pathway to Citizenship

285 Miles │ 21 Days │ 11 Million American Dreams


  1. ACTION LEADS TO REACTION: After 21 days of walking, praying, and sacrificing, our Pilgrims and members of the Faith In Action team got their 21+ minutes with GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy this morning. We appreciate the opportunity to meet and we will continue to push for a pathway to citizenship that keeps families together and leads to full enfranchisement of 11 million aspiring Americans. Stay tuned for more details about today's meeting!
  2. Peregrinaje por una reforma migratoria llega a la ciudad de Madera
  3. Residentes de Selma salieron a las calles para brindar su apoyo al Peregrinaje
  4. Decenas de peregrinos llegan a la ciudad de Fresno