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It ain't nothing #TaintTweets

Anogenital distance as a readout of fetal androgen exposure. Shanna H. Swan, PhD. Presented Monday, April 23, 2012, Experimental Biology in San Diego, CA


  1. For more on the science of the taint, check out @scicurious previous post.
  2. How cool is that? Taint uncool!
  3. I believe more snorts than giggles occurred, but I can't give you a p value for it.
  4. Serioiusly? There are people out there who weren't following us anyway? That will teach them!
  5. FYI: The @scicurious blog on taints includes artistic renderings and videos NSFW. Still, I really need to get that caliper photo from Dr. Swan. I had assumed they would use a tape measure. I mean, what level of precision do we need here?