Genomics & the personalised healthcare revolution

Genomics is a fundamental component of personalised healthcare and getting related policy right is essential to the successful delivery of better health. Here's what the experts said at our conference 'Personalised healthcare: making the most of genomics' on 29 November 2016


  1. Lined up and ready to start
  2. The opening plenary was on how genomics is revolutionising heart, cancer and reproductive care allowing non-invasive diagnosis and tracking
  3. How we mainstream genomics across specialisms was, unsurprisingly, a theme that emerged early in the day with Perry Elliott highlighting the need for genomics training for cardiologists (and other clinical specialisms)
  4. Conversations continued into coffee before the final talk of the morning by Dr Nitzan Rosenfeld on non-invasive genomics for cancer diagnosis and monitoring
  5. The parallel sessions after lunch explored the role of genomics in tackling infectious disease and the data sharing challenge - I headed for the latter