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Here's what it looks like at the Rubidoux High walk out, protest over teacher comments

Students at Rubidoux High School walked out Friday after news broke about teachers disparaging students who participated in "A Day Without Immigrant" demonstrations the day before.


  1. The students, many of whom dressed in the colors of the flag of Mexico, took to the streets to protest the teachers.
  2. Some students reported on social media that the protests turned violent.
  3. Nearby Patriot High School was locked down in reaction to the protests.
  4. According to Snapchat stories from some students, a group of Rubidoux students held a peaceful sit in on the campus grounds.
  5. In videos posted to the social network, students could be seen holding hands in a circle and chanting "Immigrants are welcome here. No hate"
  6. Many people posted to twitter with messages of shame and disappointment regarding the walkout and violent protests.