Acting on Change

New Approaches and Future Practices in LTDP (Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2016)


  1. PERICLES FP7 organised a final project conference at the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre in London, UK, from 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2016. The event was carried out in association with the Digital Preservation Awards 2016 celebration which took place on the evening of 30 November.
  2. The conference focused on issues related to the challenge of managing change in digital environments, and solutions proposed in support of practitioners in the field of digital preservation. After thought provoking keynotes and lively panel discussions in the mornings, the conference offered panels, discussions, workshops and demonstrations on topics such as capability gap, policy management and ontologies, risk assessment, proactive data management and ecosystem modelling, and demonstrations of tools developed during PERICLES. The full programme can be found online as well as in the EventsXD app.
  3. The two-day event was followed by the interactive workshop 'Eye of the Storm: Preserving Digital Content in an Ever-Changing World", focusing on how the developers propose to use and implement the PERICLES model-driven approach into real-world preservation workflows.
  4. DAY 1

  5. Following a welcome by Mark Hedges, Project Coordinator at King's College London, and Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture & Society with the Wellcome Trust, Kara Van Malssen (AVPreserve) presented her keynote speech "Seeing the forest for the trees: A look outside the OAIS reference model" looking towards organisational alignment, which is the "outside of the box", with the ISO standard, the "inside of the box". Watch the recording on YouTube.
  6. Kara made a strong point for recognising the value of maintaining, and not neglecting it for the sake of innovation.
  7. Kara Van Malssen asked: Where do we go from there? And presented us with a brilliant roadmap of next steps.
  8. No wonder the audience loved Kara and her ingenious keynote!
  9. Kara van Malssen's presentation 'Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A look outside the OAIS Reference Model' is available on SlideShare.
  10. The theme of 'Beyond OAIS?' was taken to the stage by an enthusiastic panel discussion facilitated by DPC Executive Director William Kilbride. The panel comprised an exciting group of experts: Angela Dappert (British Library); Pip Laurenson (Tate/PERICLES); Barbara Reed (Recordkeeping Innovation) and Barbara Sierman (National Library of the Netherlands). Watch the recording on YouTube.
  11. Angela Dappert opened the debate highlighting the difficulty of implementing OAIS, as the way it is articulated has led to rigid interpretations which resulted in limited implementations of OAIS in repositories and standards. She explained how PREMIS "moved on" from only being applicable to OAIS repositories.
  12. Barbara Sierman argued that we need proper evidence on whether OAIS is truly the best approach for digital preservation activities and suggested it could be better used as a guide or conversation piece. It is the preservation professional who is responsible for translating OAIS concepts into daily practice and adapting the standards to the changes in practice.