PBS at the Television Critics Press Tour (Summer 2013) -- Day #1

PBS kicked off its portion of the Summer 2013 edition of the TV Critics Press Tour in Los Angeles, when all of the broadcast networks and major cable channels preview their biggest upcoming programs. Here are highlights from the first day of PBS's portion of the tour.

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  1. Before the PBS sessions started, we parked one of the original TV Batmobiles in front of the hotel, in connection with the broadcast of "Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle," which premieres on PBS in October.

  2. Cookie Monster also took photos with the critics.

  3. Look who we're hanging out with! The 44th season of Sesame Street starts 9/16. #Tcas13 #cookiemonster  http://vine.co/v/hbgUgeYqDiT 
  4. OMG, I met the real Cookie Monster!! And fed him a cookie! #tcas13 #PBSkids