PBS Annual Meeting 2013 Day #1

PBS's Annual Meeting convened in Miami in May 2013. The meeting brings together people from local PBS stations around the country, producers and others to talk about upcoming PBS and PBS KIDS programming of all types. Here are some highlights from Day One of the PBS Annual Meeting.

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  1. The meeting started with a breakfast hosted by our friends at Sesame Street.
  2. Swag from @PBSAnnualMtg in Miami. Jan got to meet the new Sesame Street character Mando this morning. #PBSam
  3. #Pbsam #pbskidsvips Mando and Rosita talking about educating people and breaking down stereotypes. Don't like how a book portrays your experience? Write your own story.
  4. At the next session, PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger spoke.