Inhofe Harms American's Health By Helping Pollution Industry Release Poisons Into Our Air

Senator Inhofe (R-Big Polluter) has introduced a resolution in the Senate to reverse the just-released EPA regulations to clean up mercury and air toxic pollution from US power plants, rules that will save the lives of up to 11,000 people and avoid innumerable cases of heart and asthma attacks. Why?


  1. The EPA has recently published regulations to drastically reduce harmful emissions from the country's power plants:
  2. Sen. Inhofe wants to stop EPA's efforts to protect America's health:
  3. Why would anyone want to stop a regulation that prevents up to 11,000 premature deaths, stops 4,700 heart attacks and 130,000 asthma attacks, and prevents up to 540,000 missed work or "sick" days?
  4. Particularly, when the Department of Energy has determined that these rules will not effect the availability of electricity.
  5. Mercury is, after all, a nasty neurotoxin that poisons our children's brains. 
  6. Could it be that he is beholden to the pollution industries, including Koch Industries ($44,600 contribution in 2005-2010) and Big Oil ($484,600)?
  7. And has consistently been a voice of climate denialism and other half-baked ideas in defense of Big Pollution industries?
  8. If you think that your health should be more important than corporate profits, join the Sierra Club and tell your Senator to stop this attack on your health and that of your children.