Consistency in L&D

OzLearn twitter chat Tues 13 May 2014, focused on alignment through consistency.

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  1. Our OzLearn chat on Tuesday 13 May was again themed around one of Jonathan Kettleborough's posts on L&D and alignment, this time focused on consistency . Although Jonathan wasn't able to make it, he dropped us a line of support as the chat approached...
  2. Helen, about to fly out from Melbourne for AITD in Sydney, was also sending messages of support...reminding us in the process that our chat tonight happened to fall on <insert ominous music here> Budget Night.
  3. Just when I was starting to worry about whether everyone would be too engrossed by Joe Hockey to attend #OzLearn, Con allayed my fears by reminding us how much better OzLearn would be compared to That Budget (and how right he was....)
  4. In the meantime, I started shooting out targeted reminders, just in case....
  5. As the chat approached, Con, took his position as OzLearn avatar and started the countdown
  6. Helen kept one eye on OzLearn while waiting for her train to Central
  7. And then, all of a sudden, the chat was upon us. Our participants started prepping for the impending tweetstream...
  8. We started with the usual intros
  9. Con was joining us as a free agent, having just released himself from the shackles of life as a government employee to make his way as an independent consultant (best wishes Con!)