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Australia's big four banks and land grabs

Australia's big four banks are backing agricultural and timber companies accused of land grabbing in developing countries. Oxfam supporters are calling on their banks to show Zero Tolerance for Land Grabbing.


  1. 15 Feb 2016
  2. 23 Sept 2015
  3. 7 Aug 2015: Since Oxfam revealed the links between our biggest banks and companies implicated in agriculture land grabbing overseas, none of the big four have gone far enough to support land rights.

    So we’ve just put out an important investor briefing paper for the banks and their investors, laying out exactly what they need to do to adopt a zero tolerance approach to land grabs.

    Now they have no excuse.
  4. 12 Jun 2015: ANZ have been less than honest with their customers and investors.

    ANZ have claimed they’re dealing with concerns around land rights through their ‘sensitive sector’ policies. But the truth is that they don’t have a policy on land or agriculture. In fact, they’ve done nothing to ensure that their investments help, and not harm, rural communities.

    Our research has shown that over three years, ANZ Australia financed a sugar plantation in Cambodia linked to child labour, military-backed land grabs, forced evictions and food shortages. And this is not an isolated case. ANZ is linked to numerous separate allegations of land grabbing in the agriculture and timber industries.

    Tell ANZ Australia that it’s time to make the right choice: 
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  6. 5 Jun 2015: We're in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, to both speak and hear about the enormous and growing issue of illegal land acquisitions on Australia’s doorstep.
  7. 11 May 2015: Indigenous communities affected by landgrabs in Brazil have had an important win. SHARE the news.
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  9. 5 May 2015: Last year Oxfam Australia released the Banking on Shaky Ground report that detailed how Australia’s four biggest banks – ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and NAB – are backing companies linked to agricultural land grabs overseas.
  10. In the year that’s passed since the release of our report, which of the banks have taken action to clean up their act?
  11. 30 Nov 2014: We’ve been campaigning for six months to have Australia’s Big 4 Banks adopt a zero tolerance approach to land grabs. In the past two weeks we’ve had two big wins – both NAB and Westpac have changed their policies to reduce their risk of backing companies involved in land grabs. There’s still a way to go of course to get them to adopt a Zero Tolerance approach, but still, half of the Big 4 banks have listened!

    Now, the pressure is on the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the ANZ Bank. As we saw on 60 Minutes tonight, both these banks are yet to adopt zero tolerance to land grabs in their financial relationships – and both have been backing companies accused of practices that have seen people left without their land, their homes and their means to earn a decent living.
  12. 28 Nov 2014: This Sunday 60 Minutes will air a report on landgrabbing in Brazil and Cambodia backed by two of Australia’s biggest banks – the Commonwealth and ANZ. Watch the trailer...
  13. This week on 60 Minutes | 7.30 SUNDAY