Chemical Biology across the University of Oxford - #OxCBH 2014

A symposium by ChemBio Hub to strengthen interdepartmental research connections.


  1. From the start of the day, it was great to see people using our hashtag to check-in when they arrived.
  2. fact over 90 people came to the event over the course of the day!
  3. Even from the first talk, our tweeting sparked interest from the wider ChemBio community. Brian Marsden's "What is chemical biology?" tag cloud (based on participants' research interests) was spotted by the interdisciplinary journal Chemistry & Biology.
  4. These guys were inspired to create their own version using abstracts from articles they published since 2012.
  5. Other scientists were also listening in...
  6. The first session of the day looked at centres of chemical biology research across Oxford. Chris Schofield discussed his ideas for how collaboration with the Department of Chemistry will develop in the coming years.
  7. Next, Chas Bountra spoke about what the SGC is up to, and his vision of Oxford as a hub for open innovation in the UK.
  8. Daniel Ebner gave the last talk of the session. He presented an overview of the Target Discovery Institute and its high-throughput screening capabilities. He also displayed a poster on the UK National Phenotypic Screening Centre.
  9. The first break session was abuzz with lots of conversation prompted by the three thought-provoking talks. We had 20 great posters from researchers in Chemistry, Oncology, Biochemistry, NDORMS, the SGC and the Target Discovery Institute. The coffee and biscuits weren't bad either!
  10. The next session featured talks by chemists from across the University: Stuart Conway (Chemistry), Paul Brennan (SGC) and Tom Brown (Oncology/Chemistry). Just a few highlights below: