Froggy at 3LD

A daily update on the Froggy project as we workshop the show at Three Legged Dog. New York in late June is hot!


  1. Day 1 (Sunday June 16, 2013)

    11AM start! Jen, Matt and I meet up at the 3LD theatre to setup! Skyler comes to help (he likes ladders). By the end of the day, we have a plan, the start of the set and the foundations of the work we will do at 3LD!

  2. Day One!
    We start settling in with the 3LD digs. Scene creation begins. At the end of this hallway is our studio where we will make some Froggy magic happen!
  3. Day Two! 
    Screens are installed to give us a rear projection and a front projection just like we had at The Banff Centre! Tantalizingly out of reach is a studio that houses a Musio Eyeliner. Sadly, we won't get to play with it. Happily, I can say I have been within 10 feet of one... 
  4. Matt is a happy guy!
  5. Day Three!
    We are starting to get projectors and screens and scenes working. This is no small feat. Part of the goal of this workshop is to explore what we absolutely need and what we can discover workarounds for. Our challenge: Project 2 views and one monitor output of the same game world with only two projectors. Exploring 3LDs Isadora servers, I realize that there is no obvious way to pull video output from the VGA into Isadora. (I am pinging my network about this as I am not an Isadora expert, anyone who knows, please chime in!)
  6. Day Four!
    Continued exploration of the Kinect and Unity 3D. I have been keeping an eye on Syphon as a possible solution for us. What I need to figure out is how I can get 3 screens (1 front, 1 back, and 1 UI) from the same game instance running. I am hoping I can use the Syphon client/server architecture to put two views on planes that are just in front of the main camera. Then that camera will output to Arena which then I can take each portion of the screen and map it to the appropriate view. This has two challenges. 1) hardware: (a triplehead2go needs three identical projectors to support the three desktops & the computer (my laptop) needs to have the juice to run it) 2) programmatically it is tricky: this is open-source software that has limited details about how the technology works. Add to that the fact that Unity 4 is relatively new. It has been around long enough that most add-ons have been ported, but new enough that they are also still in "public beta" mode. It would be great to have a big bad media server, but this is theatre and not all shows have the size of budget that supports the Hippotizer or D3 solutions. So, we figure out new ways of taming the less expensive technologies.